Stockings in a Row!

stocking 2

In four short years my family went from 6 to 10! Monogrammed stockings for 10 can get very pricey. We had just redone our hearth and mantle and I wanted something more neutral looking. My daughter found these adorable stocking hooks at Target in the dollar section for $3 each so that was a great start. After perusing Pinterest and finding some nice linen ideas, I decided to use some of the linen I had in my fabric drawer and head to the store  for the rest. I was lucky to find some burlap looking upholstery fabric in the clearance section of Joann for just $7 a yard.  I then found 6 different lace trims, and 2 colors of cording (for the guys). I used an old stocking for a pattern and had these stitched up and finished in under 2 hours. The little wooden tags are from Michael’s, a dollar each. I drilled holes in them and tied them on with plaid ribbon. Tomorrow, my artistic daughter is going to paint the names on the tags. Picture to follow. I love the subtle, neutral and natural look of these and I hope you do too!



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