Keeping Your Beloved Pets Close at Hand

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If you have ever had the joy of owning a pet, and the heartache of losing them, this is for you. When my beloved Wheaten Terrier, Lucy, had to be put down due to a neurological disorder, I thought I would never recover. Part of me never did. I could not bear to get rid of her collars, leashes, and grooming tools. They stayed in a plastic box in our basement for 5 years before I could open it. We weren’t getting another dog, so it did not make sense to keep the stuff but the dog tag haunted me. I could not just toss that in the recycle. My solution? I added the tag to my key ring. She is now with me constantly, every day. More people have commented on the idea so I thought I would share even though it doesn’t really fit in any of my blog categories. Here is to keeping the memories and keeping them close!IMG_0152 (1) IMG_0153

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