Who is Duncan Phyfe?


This little beauty is a salvaged Duncan Phyfe (19th century cabinet maker) extension table I recently snagged for $40. It had seen better days and the legs needed some stabilizing. A little construction glue, clamps and 24 hours brought it back to sturdy. After cleaning it up, I noticed that the beautiful top was in remarkably good shape so I made the decision to paint and distress the base black, and add some coats of Min Wax Poly Acrylic to the top. The base received a coat of my favorite, no-sand, primer, Zinsser 1-2-3 Bulls Eye. Yes, I could have used chalk paint. However, I have come to love the consistency and application of Valspar Satin Black, applied with a Wooster Pro brush. This paint and brush combo will give you a nearly sprayed-on look.



Once the paint was dry, I gave the edges a slight distressing with a fine grit paper. I was going to sell the table but have decided to keep it for a buffet-game table in our basement family room.img_6725img_6724

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