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Nothing more frustrating than checking into a hotel and not finding a good place to put your luggage. Same goes true if you are in guest in someone’s home. There are lots of solutions for this if you have the space, a chest or bench at the foot of a bed, or just good size spot of floor. The best solution is a folding luggage rack. I like the old, wooden kind, you would find tucked away in a closet at the Grand Hotel. The white gloved bell hops would pull those out for arriving guests and they always looked like a part of the room furnishings.

I wanted that look for our guest room and stumbled upon a sad and tattered one at the Saline Antiques Market. The frame was in mint condition, the strapping, not so much.


With a little bit of vision, a couple of hours, Valspar black satin paint, some sandpaper, and some great upholstery strapping from Joann Fabrics (with coupon always), and a staple gun, this is what you get:


And I am not going to hide this away in a closet! Welcome friends, unpack and stay awhile!

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