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Our family is so blessed with the pending arrival of twins for my daughter in a few months. We wanted her shower invitation to be a true keepsake. I had looked at layered invitations with ribbon and was stunned to see they ran anywhere from $2-$6 each! There had to be a better way. I starting composing short text in my brain and suddenly I thought we might be able to snap a picture of my 8 month old granddaughter’s feet and incorporate them in the invitation. Above, you will see the finished product, without the text because that is personal. My original idea was to print on frosted vellum and do an overlay on the photo. I’ll give you a heads up on vellum….you can’t find a print shop that will print with it because it melts in the machines and when we tried our 2 inkjets, they did not print at all. I spent a lot of time figuring this out so hopefully my experience will save someone a few hours. The next best thing was to actually print on the photo. You can use Paint, Illustrator or Photoshop, and I had the prints done at Costco for something less than .16 each.

The cheapest way to buy 8.5 x 5.5 envelopes, I found, was to actually buy a box of 100 ct. wedding invitations at Michael’s. I used only 30, but will always be able to use the rest. I had a half-off coupon so the box only cost me $9.00. By cutting my colored card stock in half, they would fit perfectly in the envelope and then I could trim down the white card to the dimension of my choosing. I could then layer the 4 x 6 print on top. This is how the layout started:


Each white sheet is glued to the colored stock. I then made a template for the punch holes and used that as a guide. Because my ribbon was stiffer than satin, I did a double punch to make the threading easier.

IMG_7915 IMG_7916 (1)  

I did a test run on the ribbon for the best length and then cut all the pieces at 9″. You then begin to thread the ribbon from the front to back in both punch holes.IMG_7918


Back side

IMG_7927 (1)

Cross the ends in the back and pull them through the holes to the front, twist the ribbon if you need to have the print show. Adjust and trim.


How beautiful is that?

We have received so many compliments on the invitations and they ended up costing me about $1.40 each. Another plus…they only use one regular stamp.  A final hint: I used regular glue stick on the layers and on the photo. On several invitations, after they ran through the postal machines, the photos came loose. I would recommend either double sided tape, or thin dabs of rubber cement.

Our invitations were quite simple, but you could really embellish these in any way, with jewels, sequins, more ribbon, lace, etc. Would love to see the pictures of your final products!


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