Look Behind the Wall for Space!

We have these worthless curved walls in our house…several of them. At first I thought they were nice but soon you begin to understand the problems they present when updating. For one, any baseboard replacement has to be with flexible molding that is expensive. Secondly, these curves create lots of dead space on their backsides. Case in point, our guest bath which was tight enough for space. You can see in this photo how they squared off the curve to install the vanity but that left a big, empty space behind the drywall that was badly needed for storage.

Before and after! By knocking a hole in the wall we could inspect and see that there was absolutely nothing to prevent us from re-configuring this space into something useful and beautiful. So the project began…


Old vanity removed .


Updated and replaced!



Dry wall removed and studs were cut out. New drywall upper and lowers pieces were cut and installed. Small ceiling light installed. Hardie backer board was scored using a circular saw allowing it to bend into the curve up against the existing studs. Attached with screws. A storage cube was built into the lower half.


The design I had in mind was to build in a storage cube next to the toilet, and platform the top as a space for guest to keep their toiletry bags. We would put glass mosaic on the inside of the curve and a small light in the ceiling. Essentially we were cutting out a section of the existing corner, and opening up the bottom. We kept the existing white floor tile which I had to extend a bit for the new vanity that is on legs. Luckily we had leftover tiles in the basement for that. White subway tile would go half way up the wall, trimmed in the glass mosaic we used on curve.  To save money, I opted to tile the counter in a pale green stone and use a dark vanity and mirror for contrast. I love the way it turned out! One of my favorite projects to this day!


The light reflecting off the glass expands the space and opens up what was, a dark and cramped space.


This mirror was a hangover from the previous owner. I like the way the silver picks up the hardware and coordinates with the vanity.


Unfortunately, no room for towel bars but for a guest space, I like the hooks better!

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