Furniture…the second time around

It bears repeating…you do not need to buy new furniture to furnish your home beautifully. I am a believer in investing top dollars for large sofas, mattresses and reclining chairs that are cost prohibitive to reupholster. Wood pieces can always be refinished, painted, waxed, and repaired. The key is in finding timeless pieces that have great bones and details/lines. Here is my latest example. I needed a large bookcase or armoire in our office as a landing spot for all things me. My books, office supplies, etc. I have been searching resale shops but the ones I found were in poor condition and not at a good price. A Craig’s list search resulted in a find, $65 for a TV armoire in decent shape. There are many of these around given we have all moved on to flat screens. The great thing is that they can be used for so many other things. For example, linen storage, an extra closet, guest room storage, pantry goods, hobby supply storage, or, as you will see in a future post, darling little dress-up and costume cabinets for kids. Luckily, this piece was heavy and structurally sound. I took a stain stick to the dings and dents and gave it a really good cleaning and lemon wax with Gillespie’s Lemon Wood Treatment. This is the finished product and who would know it had been sitting in someone’s lawnmower shed for a few years?13403178_10206920208345817_6809758320614810895_o

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