Pesky Bullnose Corners


Bullnose corners on your walls are nice because they look softer and hold up better. However they are NOT nice when you have to replace baseboards. The same goes for curved walls, of which we have both. Because we have high ceilings, when we installed our hardwood floors, I wanted a higher profile base than the puny 3″ we had. I opted for a nice 5.5″ but then the problems came when considering how to get around our corners. I searched on line for matching curved pieces and could only find custom wood ones that were very expensive. Not in the budget. The curved base, well, I had no choice. A company called Trimster makes flexible vinyl base in most profiles to match. It is sold by the foot so you can get exactly what you need. It was pricey but was the best choice. The only one in my book.

There is always a solution for everything. My husband came up with a block solution to handle the corners. Using 5/8″ clear boards, he routed the edges and built these corner cap blocks.

bullnose 9 bullnose1

Bear in mind we do not have all the professional finish carpentry tools but unless you are close up, you don’t see the little stuff. I primed and painted and they were installed before the base went in. The other benefit in this method is that the only miter cuts you will have is for your inside corners. After they are installed, you fill the small corners with a good, flexible spackle using a good quality putty knife. Here is a close-up of the first fill. You may have to do a final coat to make sure it is smooth, and then a sanding.


When all is said and done, this is the solution and the finished look. And we love it!




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  1. I feel your pain. I love bullnose corners because of the reasons you mentioned. It looks smoother and holds up better. Not to mention it doesn’t hurt your head as much when you run into it. However, it does not make putting down baseboards easy. However, you did a wonderful job and I never would have known you had trouble with it if you didn’t mention it upfront.

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