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I get a bit crazy about wedding flowers. Particularly the cost of them. Our first wedding we hired a florist, because I didn’t think I had a choice for the flowers my daughter wanted. WRONG! For a lot of money, we got very pretty, and pretty small, arrangements in my Mason jars, along with the bridal and attendant bouquets. In a separate post I will show how we switched gears for my second daughter after discovering we could actually order the same bulk flowers the florists use, from Costco.

Last night, my husband walked in from dinner with this lovely, and soooooo fragrant, white lilac. Sweet gesture, and it got me thinking. If I were planning a wedding in May I would drive around the rural areas and find someone with scads of lilac bushes, see if I could give them $50 to pick what we needed 2 days before the wedding and use them instead of paying thousands for a florist. Yes, THOUSANDS. You could take a honeymoon on the florist fees. If you have a friend to help, imagine the fragrance and gorgeous colors of purple, white and lavendar bouquets with some baby’s breath and greens. A simple, milky blue vase, or painted Mason jars hide the woody stem. If clear glass is used you can just line the inside walls with greens. This image by Mark d. Sikes reflects exactly what I am talking about and it takes my breath away…


Last Saturday, I worked a wedding with gorgeous pink tulips and white hydrangeas. Beautiful to be sure, and I am sure very expensive. Flowers are a necessary extravagance at weddings, but by no means do they need to be necessarily extravagant to give you the finishing touch on a beautiful day. Think outside the box. Look in your own backyard. Consider what is available seasonally by the side of the road. Then take those florist dollars and have a wonderful, and memorable, honeymoon!

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