Chalk Paint..the Real Deal

I have read and researched Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as if I was preparing a dissertation defense. I tried several DIY recipes without success. So I gathered up a wonderful friend and we drove an hour north to a charming little town, Holly, Michigan. We attended a 3 hour class which produced my test board shown here.

Chalk Board

You will notice the white stripes on the board…this is where the tape was to divide techniques. The name of the shop is Pigeon in the Parlour and the instructor has taught over 2000 students. The quality of the paint and wax was better than I expected. The ease of application could turn a paint hater into an artist. The sanding is simple and the wax leaves a velvety finish that looks and feels like a fine piece of furniture. It is the finish I have been looking for.

It’s a total secret what makes this paint work we were told. The pigments are pure and the colors are gorgeous. They don’t add black to the pigment which dulls a paint. We were also told the name “Chalk” paint came about because of the smooth finish it produces, not because there is chalk in the paint. This leads me to believe this is why the DIY recipes don’t work as well. As with anything, you also get a better job with the right tools. The wax brush is amazing and we used 600 grit sandpaper which I had not seen in my research. The paint is expensive, as well as the tools. However, it truly gives you twice the coverage of regular latex with a smooth, velvety finish.

Clearly, I was sold. I have 4 pieces I am ready to transform and will keep you posted of the results! Let me know if you have any questions!

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