The PERFECT shoe!

MC-B-DG-GG-2This incredible concept just popped up on my screen so I am sharing…and ordering! Mahabis is the brand. Check it out!  One of the reasons I am so excited about this is that I am a bit of a neurotic about shoes in my house. For two reasons: worn high heels or small stones in a sole will destroy hardwood floors and I have a brand new one that took 6 weeks of our hard labor to install. Second, think about where your shoes have been! I have grandchildren crawling around on my floors! Put those precious hands on a floor my husband has walked on in shoes that have been all over the globe and in thousands of airplane bathrooms and you might be coming over to my side. I will let you know the review but this seems to me to be nothing short of a stroke of genius. Stay Tuned!




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