Garden Sauce with Fresh Herbs

garden sauce

This delightful recipe that follows is better known as “pasta from the produce drawer”. When my refrigerator yielded very little today, I reverted to the produce drawer and cleaned house. The result was a tasty, healthy and most delicious dinner. Do not be afraid to substitute dried herbs if you need to, but to get the most amazing flavor use fresh. Understand this is not a “saucy” pasta so less pasta and more sauce is the idea.

Now, I am really going to peak the interest of healthy gourmets. To kick up the nutrient value of this delicious recipe, switch out your regular pasta for protein and fiber packed Banza! Pronounced “Baaanza”, as in Garbanzo Bean, aka chickpea, this incredible noodle was created by a Detroit native. Score for Michigan!

Serve with a crusty bread and a crisp white wine. No salad needed!

garden sauce recipe

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