The Ultimate Towel…No Kidding!


Must be something about getting old but I am getting really picky about bed and bath linens. What really gets me is the meager quality of sheets and towels these days, even the high-end brands with high-end price points. Sheets that pill and towels that are not plush or absorbent. I am going to share with you my fabulous Costco find. Loft towels. Like so many of the other wonderful treasures at my favorite store, these tend to come and go. So, when they are in stock I buy and few and store them away. I am telling you this is the best towel I have ever owned. They are big and super thick. You feel like you are wrapping up in a blanket. The best part, I think they were about $9-11 for the bath towels. Are you kidding? NO!

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