It Pays to Salvage

A salvage door to headboard is not a new idea. However, I have seen many of these upcycle projects that don’t turn out looking like a purposed piece that was finely detailed. You don’t want the door to still look like a door. If you attempt this project you need to be particular about the door. I will search a long time to find a door with equal size panels. Patience yielded a $4 door. The ends were trimmed to the width needed for a king size bed, making sure the insets on either end were the same distance from the ends. My husband attached pieces of 2×4 to the back for legs. The door was cleaned and primed.headboard 3

By routing the edges of a 4″ pine board for the top, and installing trim below it, the effect is a crown that looks like a handmade piece of furniture. The first coat of paint was black. I brushed on the second coat of diluted teal acrylic, allowing the black to come through so they would match the antique shutters I have on the walls.

headboard black headboard (1)



We have a similar looking headboard in our master bedroom that we purchased in North Carolina for close to $2000. The total cost of this project, including the wood trim, paint and the door was less than $30. No one could be the wiser!

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